Coda del Pesce- Isle of Palms' Italian Seafood Gem

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Coda del Pesce- Isle of Palms' Italian Seafood Gem!

When researching and planning a trip to Isle of Palms and the Charleston area, also known as the “Low Country,” many visitors gravitate towards what the Low Country is known for - Shrimp and Grits, She Crab Soup, and a variety of other Southern expressions, particularly seafood.  But at IOP Escapes, we often host a more discerning visitor who, when booking their vacation rental property at Isle of Palms, makes certain to ask our staff about “The best places to eat” or “local favorites.”  To our guests searching for a culinary experience, we love to recommend Coda del Pesce!  Coda del Pesce (Italian for “tail of the fish”) is a place for celebrating, savoring, and making memories.  

Conveniently located at 1130 Ocean Blvd in Isle of Palms, Coda del Pesce has a warm and welcoming ambiance of authenticity and a gorgeous ocean view!   Floor to ceiling windows, reclaimed wood for the flooring and wall treatments, give the restaurant an understated, but elegant mood.   Coda del Pesce approaches their culinary endeavors with a reverence and respect for the food, its purveyors, AND the occasions that bring many to celebrate here.  They have 70+ seats, including an option for seasonal dining - open-air and oceanside.



Owner and Executive Chef Ken Vedrinkski utilizes, elevates, and celebrates the daily bounty of South Carolina coastal seafood to create dishes reminiscent of his homeland, the Adriatic regions of Italy, where he draws his inspiration from.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Chef Ken about what makes Coda del Pesce - Coda del Pesce.  The time for the evening’s dinner service was quickly approaching, so he wasted no time as he simultaneously and expertly carved and prepared an enormous piece - I’d bet 40+ pounds - of heritage pork while we spoke.  Later, this pork would be adorned with provolone picante, which he described as aged provolone, and pisita - roasted garlic, tomatoes and onions, served with a chicory salad- YES PLEASE.  

I’d love to recommend visitors to try this dish- but the reality is that the menu at Coda del Pesce changes daily, and they often run out of items!  “86’ing”- or running out of menu items - while certainly a disappointment if you witness that last heritage pork dish be plated next to your table - affirms their unique place in the restaurant business as a restaurant that actually serves what is local, available and in those quantities!  Chef Ken and his staff create and execute exquisite dishes based on what the local purveyors provide.  


Like in Italian cuisine, wine sourcing, selection, and pairing are equally important to the dishes served.  Coda del Pesce carries only Italian wines from small producers.  Chef Ken and several staff members have earned their Sommelier title, and take great pride and joy in stewarding guests with wine pairings based on their years of study, research abroad, and dedication to this craft.  Many beautiful pairings of both red AND white wines elevate the dining experience.  The reputation and trust that guests have placed in the staff at Coda del Pesce has lead many to simply say, “I’ll have whatever wine you recommend!”

Coda de Pesce's combination of soulful food and a curated Italian wine collection looking over the Isle of Palms shore is an experience to remember, but time is of the essence!  Reservations open 30 days in advance and often are full, even in non-peak seasons!  So for residents and visitors alike - if you are searching, or rather CRAVING - a dinner experience that is unique, soulful, honest, and elevated - Coda del Pesce is likely the breath of fresh, salty, sea-air - that you’ve been searching for.  Chef Ken would be honored to share a taste of his homeland with you.