What [NOT] to Pack for a Week Long Vacation to Isle of Palms!

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What [NOT] to Pack for a Week-Long Vacation to Isle of Palms!

As Spring turns to Summer in the southern part of the country, many are eagerly anticipating their summer vacations with family and friends.  If you have secured plans for a Lowcountry vacation to Isle of Palms and are staying in one of our beautiful IOP Escapes vacation rental properties, CONGRATULATIONS!  Your vacation is already off to a great start!  


3903 Cameron Blvd. 6 BR Home w/ Private Pool & Pickleball

 Beach Retreat-9 BR/9BA Home w/ Rooftop Pool and Ocean Views

You might be thinking about preparations that need to be made at home in order to travel, what to pack for your vacation, etc.  At IOP Escapes, we would be happy to answer any travel questions you might have, but hopefully, the following details will help you and your family as you prepare for your vacation.  We won’t bore you with a what to pack list -  but more importantly- we want to share with you what NOT to pack when you book a vacation with IOP Escapes in Isle of Palms!

What NOT to bring:

  • Large Beach Equipment such as lounge chairs, beach umbrellas, stands, kayaks, and beach boards (Skim, Paddle, Body and Surf)  
  • Bikes, helmets, and lifejackets 
  • A beach cart for hauling all of your gear to and from your vacation rental to the beach

IOP Escapes has formed a relationship and worked out details with an equipment rental company, VayKGear that will RENT you all of these items AND deliver them to your vacation rental property!  What a streamlined, eco-friendly, convenient and cost effective way to pack light while remaining comfortable at the beach and still enjoying favorite pastimes!  (Or perhaps trying new things!)


Additionally, depending on which IOP Escapes vacation rental property you reserve and for how many nights, you will receive a credit with VayK Gear for securing your family’s necessities!  If your vacation rental property qualifies for this beach gear credit, VayK Gear will contact you 45 days prior to your arrival so you can place your order and they will deliver all equipment to your rental.  BONUS for booking your vacation with IOP Escapes!
Before making final selections of your VayK beach gear rental, make certain to review the details of your specific vacation rental property, as many come with fun amenities such as ping pong tables, Cornhole boards, and game tables.  

What else to LEAVE at Home:


  • Baby’s Essential Equipment - Beds/ Pack-n-Plays, strollers, high chairs, etc.

You might be thinking it would be impossible to vacation with young children without this essential gear, but the good news is that IOP Escapes recommends Babys Away to help provide these baby essentials through rental agreements for the duration of your vacation.  

Cribs, Strollers, high chairs, baby swings, and even baby bathtubs are available to rent.  These items will be delivered to your vacation rental property, but if you are flying into the Charleston Airport, Babys Away will deliver infant, toddler, or convertible car seats directly to the airport as well!  You can even rent beach toys for your time on the beautiful coastline of Isle of Palms.


  • Bed linens (sheets, pillowcases, comforters, and one blanker per bed is included)

Bath Towel sets

  • 2 towels per bed, 4 towels per Primary bedroom
  • Kitchen Towels (2 included)

Household Toiletries:

  •  Toilet Paper (2 per bathroom), Paper Towels (1 Roll), Bath Soap (1 per bathroom), Dish Soap (1 small bottle Dawn or similar), Dishwasher pods (3) and Laundry pods (3).  Depending on the length of your stay, you may need to purchase or bring additional quantities of these items.

Don’t even think about packing:

Travel planning books, celebration cakes and decor, or your WORRIES!  

IOP Escapes partners with Luxe Touch Concierge Services to ensure your stay is customized, catered, and feels like a luxury resort from start to finish with “White Glove” treatment!  Luxe Touch offers services such as grocery delivery and unloading, luggage and car services, concierge services, private chef and catering access, event coordination, and even in-home massages.  

Luxe Touch can pair what is unique about staying on a resort property and bring those services and luxurious aspects of travel to your personal and private vacation rental property.  Truly, the best of both worlds!

At IOP Escapes we are proud of the variety and caliber of vacation rental properties that homeowners entrust to our care and stewardship here in Isle of Palms.  We are also thrilled to welcome you with our hospitality and love for the area.  But additionally, and not to be understated- we are proud of the many businesses and our local community that hopes to contribute to making your vacation seamless, luxurious, unforgettable, and dare we say - EASIER!  

Each of these businesses has been vetted by IOP Escapes and we are proud to recommend them with confidence to our guests.  We hope that you will consider their services, and let your vacation worries fade away as you count the days until you’re here!