Isle of Palms Insider Tips: The Refuge. A Favorite Among Locals and Travelers, Alike!

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Isle of Palms Insider Tips: The Refuge. A Favorite Among Locals and Travelers, Alike!

Welcome, guests, friends, and families to Isle of Palms!  We look forward to welcoming you to one of our stunning, convenient, pristine, and curated IOP Escapes properties.  As you begin the process of selecting your vacation rental property and planning your upcoming vacation to Isle of Palms, we would like to extend a South Carolinian heartfelt hello (or “Welcome, Y’all!”) on behalf of our locally owned and operated family business! It is our joy to host you and your family!
We’d like to share a series of local insights, favorites, and tips you might find helpful in planning your upcoming vacation. These posts will share treasure troves of local favorites and hidden gems nestled within our vibrant community. These recommendations aim to enhance your stay in Isle of Palms and ensure an unforgettable experience on our beloved island.


We take pride that our IOP Escapes properties feature incredible kitchens, dining rooms, views, and grilling options.  However, sometimes while on vacation - you may want to relax and enjoy an exquisitely prepared dinner out and not worry about the cooking- and in these scenarios, we have a list of favorites we look forward to sharing!  We’ll share all the details about our recommendations!
Check out just a few of the amazing kitchens you'll find when renting your next vacation getaway with IOP Escapes:  

The Beach Blessing

111 Forest Trail
3903 Cameron Blvd.
Waterway Oasis
At the top of our list for restaurant recommendations - including our morning cappuccino, beach-side picnic takeaway food, crafted cocktails, AND fabulous dinner menu - is none other than The Refuge.
About The Refuge
The Refuge isn’t just any restaurant; it’s a vast array of culinary excellence woven by the skilled hands and passionate spirit of Chef Jason Daly to serve locals and tourists alike - their morning coffee, their meals, and their beverages of choice.  Chef Jason brings over 20 years of global culinary expertise to the table. A Le Cordon Bleu graduate, his culinary journey spans from New York City to the lobster haven of Portland, Maine to Savannah, Georgia.  Along the way, accolades have followed him, from AAA four-diamond awards to triumphing on the Food Network's "Chopped", emerging victorious in the final dessert round.
What sets The Refuge apart?
Chef Jason’s unyielding passion for harmonizing New England cooking finesse with the vibrant flavors of the Lowcountry makes this dining experience truly unique. The result is a menu that features locally sourced seafood like triggerfish, tilefish, and grouper, complemented by flown-in delights such as lobster, scallops, clams, and haddock from New England. Each dish is meticulously grilled and crafted, showcasing a marriage of culinary expertise and locally inspired tastes.

Jason Daly

The restaurant’s ambiance mirrors its culinary ethos—approachable yet refined. With 75 seats, a cozy patio, and an inviting bar, The Refuge effortlessly welcomes guests into its warm embrace. Caricatures adorning the walls pay homage to beloved regulars, adding a touch of familiarity to the upscale experience.
For those with dietary restrictions, The Refuge goes above and beyond, offering gluten-free accommodations, including a variety of options from bread to dessert and even breakfast bars and sandwiches. The restaurant’s commitment to inclusivity extends to its menu, with minimal use of nuts, ensuring a safe dining experience for all.
But it's not just about the food—the Refuge is a hub of community engagement. From its full takeaway menu to hosting holiday festivities like the upcoming ugly sweater party on Dec 9th and Bingo nights, there’s a palpable sense of camaraderie and joy. Private events find a perfect home here too, with the restaurant offering its space for personalized celebrations.
And let’s not forget to mention the extensive beverage offerings. Chef Jason’s passion for craft cocktails and wine pairings elevates the dining experience with sophistication and unique culinary expressions.  With over 80 bourbons and a full-service coffee bar operational seven days a week, The Refuge caters to every palate and preference. Their signature cocktails are sure to WOW your taste buds -  “Summerthyme in Maine” and the Refuge Sangria are two of our favorites!  Lastly, locally sourced desserts offer a sweet ending to an unforgettable dining experience.
In a crowded culinary scene, particularly while traveling to a new place, allow IOP Escapes to make deciding where to go for dinner (or breakfast or lunch) easy!   It is our pleasure to recommend The Refuge, known locally and abroad for its culinary finesse, warm hospitality, and community spirit.  Nestled conveniently below the IOP connector, diners are in for an exceptional treat with this family-owned, local favorite.
We look forward to sharing many more local insights and favorites so that you can plan and look forward to your time on the island.  We hope your Isle of Palms vacation rental and your entire vacation is one that creates lasting memories and experiences, and beckons you back, year after year!